Excel Best Practices for PC: Become an Excel Expert

Excel Best Practices for PC: Become an Excel Expert

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Excel Best Practices:

  • Basic Excel setup including iterations & calculations settings
  • Excel best practices, including common “shortcut” keys and other efficiency tips
  • Best practices for building formulas (auto sum, filling, anchoring)
  • Customizing toolbars in Excel (including adding icons to your toolbar)
  • Auditing formulas and cell references

Over 4 hours of video-based self-study videos.

By utilizing both basic and advanced Excel tools, this course is designed to dramatically improve a participant’s ability to use Excel efficiently. Whether you’re an investment banker, consultant, accountant, or specialist in healthcare, technology or industrials, this class offers the broadest, most valuable Excel skill set of any of course we offer.


This online course includes over 4 hours of instruction and Excel drills. The course is essential for anyone who will be required to use Excel, including but not limited to:

  • The financial services industry (investment banking, consulting, research, asset management, brokerage, sales & trading, insurance, private equity, venture capital, entrepreneurship and start-ups)
  • Corporate/strategic development or finance group of a corporation
  • Marketing, brand management or operations for a corporation or any position responsible for a product or divisional budget, projections and profit/loss statement
  • Enhancing their learning in finance and financial statement analysis classes
  • Non-finance roles, but interested in gaining a solid foundation in applied corporate finance
  • Optimized for PC based Excel


  • Basic Excel setup – macro security, iterations, calculations settings
  • Financial modeling essentials – appropriate color schemes, page setup, and customizing toolbars in Excel
  • Common shortcut keys and other efficiency tips
  • Understanding how to efficiently design historical inputs and forecast financial projections


  • This course assumes no prior knowledge of Excel or Financial Modeling

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