Merger Modeling: How to Build a Merger Model in Excel

Merger Modeling: How to Build a Merger Model in Excel

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  • Merger Consequences Analysis
    • Core Merger Consequences Model Techniques
      • Affordability Analysis
    • Advanced M+A Analytics
    • Purchase Accounting
  • Merger Modeling
    • Build your own model
  • Advanced Topics
    • Deal Protection Techniques
    • Tax Issues with Business Combinations

Over 7 hours of video-based self-study videos.

This online course is designed to develop merger modeling skills through M&A theory and the actual hands-on construction of an interactive merger model from “scratch”, by blending M&A accounting, corporate finance and Excel skills. This course is the online version of Training The Street's live courses at the largest financial institutions and top MBA programs


  • Estimated time to complete is 10-15 hours
  • Over 7 hours of video-based instruction
  • Optimized for PC based Excel
  • The Excel shortcuts in this course are not optimized for Mac versions of Excel, but this will not detract substantially from the course experience


  • Overview of the merger process from the buyer's and seller's perspective
  • Purchase accounting and modeling write-up of assets
  • Accretion / dilution analysis modeling
  • Relative P/E analysis and other useful techniques
  • Advanced analysis such as exchange ratio analysis, contribution analysis and premium paid analysis
  • Deal mechanisms such as collar agreements and defense against hostile takeovers


  • This course requires basic accounting knowledge. The Financial Statement Analysis course fulfills this prerequisite
  • This course requires basic valuation knowledge. We recommend taking the Corporate Valuation course to fulfill this requirement
  • This course recommends, but does not require, basic Excel proficiency. We recommend taking the Excel Best Practices course to fulfill this requirement

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