Financial Modeling: Building a Complete Model in Excel

Financial Modeling: Building a Complete Model in Excel

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This intensive hands-on course teaches you how to build your own interactive financial model from “scratch” by blending accounting, finance, and Excel skills, and utilizing a step-by-step approach. Using real world examples and Excel models, this online course discusses theories, approaches and applications of financial modeling, while giving you the opportunity to construct a model of your own to apply the lessons learned. This course is the online version of one of our most popular live training programs at the top investment banks, consulting firms, and other Fortune 500 companies, as well as the top MBA programs.


  • Estimated time to complete is 10-15 hours
  • Optimized for PC based Excel
  • The Excel shortcuts in this course are not optimized for Mac versions of Excel, but this will not detract substantially from the course experience


  • Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement relationships
  • Working capital, depreciation and capital expenditure
  • Intangibles amortization schedule
  • Shareholders’ equity schedule with a share repurchase table
  • Debt and interest schedule with a "cash sweep"
  • Understanding and controlling circular references
  • Troubleshooting and strategies for balancing a model
  • Sensitivity analysis to match expected financial performance
  • How to build a quick discounted cash flow analysis (DCF)


  • This course requires basic accounting knowledge. The Financial Statement Analysis course fulfills this prerequisite
  • This course recommends, but does not require, basic Excel proficiency. We recommend taking the Excel Best Practices course to fulfill this requirement



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