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This introductory course offers a balance of videos, discrete exercise/solutions that can be layered on top of existing accounting and financial modeling acumen. This CRE-specific industry module is designed to get you up to speed quickly and efficiently, with a focus on unique aspects of commercial real estate that can be paired with broader TTS courses including Applied Excel, general 3-statement modeling and valuation.

4 hours of video content.
Estimated 10-12 hours to complete.


  • Real estate represents a diverse mix of special use-cases including offices, apartments, data centers, healthcare, office, self-storage, malls, shopping centers and industrial buildings
  • Public markets are dominated by large, diversified REITs in the US that recently became the 11th sector of the S&P 500
  • The private CRE market is highly robust and requires both shared and unique tools compared to evaluating public REITs


Complete topics step by step or jump to any of the below at any time.

  • Building a 30-year Debt Amortization Schedule in Excel including an interest only toggle
  • Calculating NPV and Going-in Cap Rates in Excel
  • Working with Date Functions in Financial Models
  • Calculating Common CRE Debt Ratios in Excel
  • REIT Metrics Explained including FFO and AFFO
  • Calculating Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Reviewing Modeling Property Cash Flows for Different Deals
  • CRE Scenarios Analysis and ‘Back-to-back’ Data Tables
  • Calculating Unlevered and Levered IRRs in Excel


This course is open to all. To maximize the benefit of this course we recommend an understanding of financial statements and Microsoft Excel.


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