Corporate Valuation: How to Value Companies and Mergers

Corporate Valuation: How to Value Companies and Mergers

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  • Overview of valuation methodologies and fundamental concepts
  • Primer to the Financial Statements
  • Public Comparables Analysis
  • Acquisition Comparables Analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Leverage Buyout Analysis
  • Life-Cycle of Transactions
  • Comparables Modeling
  • Discounted Cash Flow Modeling
  • Merger Consequences Modeling
  • Leveraged Buyout Modeling

Over 16 hours of video-based self-study videos.

This intensive online course is designed to explore corporate valuation tools and skills used by practitioners for situations such as initial public offerings (IPO), general investing, leveraged buyouts (LBO), and mergers and acquisitions. Real world examples (e.g., Twitter's IPO) are used to enhance the experience. This course is the online version of Training The Street's live courses at the largest financial institutions and top MBA programs.


  • Estimated time to complete is 15-20 hours
  • Over 16 hours of video-based instruction


  • How a practitioner reads financial documentation
  • Public comparables (diluted shares, market value, enterprise value, normalizing financials, valuation multiples)
  • Acquisition comparables (deals screening, offer value, transaction value, valuation multiples)
  • Discounted cash flow (weighted average cost of capital or WACC, unlevered free cash flows, terminal value)
  • Merger consequences (funding a deal, pro forma EPS, accretion / dilution, pro forma credit statistics)
  • Leveraged buyout or LBO (factors driving success, sources of funding, internal rate of return or IRR, dividend recapitalization)
  • Inputting valuation ranges (presenting valuation to stakeholders, deal marketing examples)
  • Life cycle of transactions (IPO process, friendly and hostile M&A processes, M&A sell side process)
  • In addition, the course provides the following Excel models: Discounted cash flow model, Accretion / dilution M&A model, LBO IRR returns model, Football field / floating bar chart valuation model


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