PowerPoint for PC: Become Proficient in PowerPoint

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  • Important keyboard shortcuts to boost your PPT speed
  • Linking presentations with Excel
  • Charting
  • Alignment tools
  • Using task panes
  • Workplace setup
  • Using themes

3 hours of video content.
Estimated 6 hours to complete.

Through a combination of practical examples, exercises and step by step video tutorials, this course will introduce you to the PowerPoint interface and the tools required to create professional level presentations. Like Training the Street’s signature Excel Best Practices course, this course stresses keyboard shortcuts and how to efficiently navigate in PowerPoint. By utilizing both basic and advanced tools, the course is designed to help experienced users to break bad habits and to harness the power of keyboard shortcuts while also providing less experienced users with a strong foundation for everyday use of PowerPoint. Whether you’re an investment banker, consultant, accountant, or specialist in healthcare, technology or industrials, a novice or experienced user, taking this course will set you up for success in PowerPoint.


  • The financial services industry (investment banking, consulting, research, asset management, brokerage, sales & trading, insurance, private equity, venture capital, entrepreneurship and start-ups)
  • Corporate/strategic development or finance group of a corporation
  • Marketing, brand management or operations for a corporation or any position responsible for a product or divisional budget, projections and profit/loss statement
  • Optimized for PC based Powerpoint
  • 3 hours of video-based instruction


Complete topics step by step or jump to any of the below at any time.

  • Navigating – keyboard shortcuts, dialog boxes, F6, CTRL + F6 and task panes
  • Workplace setup – presentation views, slide sorter, aspect ratios and orientation
  • Alignment tools – gridlines, rulers & guides and Smartguides
    Working with text – tools and best practices
  • Themes – colors, fonts, solid backgrounds, gradient background and picture background
  • Charting – copying charts from Excel, changing chart types and design/format options for pie charts


This course is open to all. This course assumes no prior knowledge of PowerPoint



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