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Self-study customers

"Excellent course. It’s all based on real world application and not just theoretical. After going through the course, you will have the flexibility of building a bare bones model in 30 minutes or a much more elaborate model with additional add-ons that are company specific. Due to the strong foundation TTS develops, it’s easy to add additional complexity. I've used the concepts from the merger model to quickly evaluate M&A deal news released in morning to trade by the open. Also recommend the financial modeling course and the excel best practices” “Kudos to TTS for a very efficient learning tool, from the incredible material for beginners and finance professionals alike, delivered in via a great interface. Each module is concise,...

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Public course participants

“Rishi was an excellent professor. Great pace and mix of content / real life examples.” “Karishma was an *awesome* instructor — she went through the material at an appropriate pace, had very detailed and clear explanations, and was eager to answer any questions/offer assistance throughout the week. Because of her, I would definitely recommend colleagues to take this course. I found it most helpful when she asked the class questions about the materials and had us discuss in small groups so that she wasn’t just giving answers/lecturing the whole time.” “Instructor was awesome and the content was well structured to also cover concepts and the reasons WHY.” “the instructor was perfect. Spot on- so well paced and informative. I learned...

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Corporate training participants

“Happy to say my summer at my firm ended well. I received an offer and will be joining full-time in leveraged finance. During our week of training we had Marc Aqui leading the classes and it was great. I learned a lot during training and over the course of the summer. TTS helped me tremendously going through interviews and this summer.”

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